Sami fairytales of the Russian North. Visit Sami villages and reindeer farm in the village Loparskaya. Visiting Husky park in Lovozero

On this trip you are waiting for a pleasant experience that you can share with your family. During the trip  you will meet the indigenous inhabitants of the Kola Peninsula. You see and even could  feed the deer. Saami guide will tell you how they are living, you will hear the stories from ancient times, you will know a lot about rich saami history, culture and philosophy. Then it will be possible to feed their reindeer moss and be photographed with them.

Experienced herders are ready to answer any questions on the care and upbringing of the deer, will talk about the unique and fragile nature of the north. In the village lives a real shaman (in Sámi - Noid), who invited me to visit the warm cozy Sami house  -  “kuvaksa” (tent), and during the preparation of the national dishes tell stories of northern peoples. Then, already in the fresh air, the shaman will play the jew's harp melody using throat singing and rhythm on the tambourine. You have a rare opportunity to get acquainted with local traditions, learn how to manage northern peoples to live in full harmony, play Sami football, throw a lasso deer layout, a ride on a sledge.


from 3600 rubles per person. It includes a lunch with homemade cakes with cranberries, tea.

Transport to the saami village with the car up to 4 persons 2,000 rubles fro 5-6 persons  3,500 rubles

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