Salmon  fishing tours on the Kola Peninsula

We are pleased to offer you fishing in the rivers of the Murmansk region, such as Kola, Kitsa, Ura,  Varzuga, Belousikha and many other rivers of Russian Lapland!

Rivers Kola and Kitsa

Fishing on the 3rd section of the river Kola and Kitsa

River Kola is one of the largest salmon rivers of Russia and the Kola Peninsula in particular. It was on her can realize your dreams come true, and you will be able to catch the fish of your dreams! Trophies 10-15 kilogram considered quite ordinary.


The fishing village located on the picturesque shore near the confluence of the rivers which makes the possibility of fishing on the two rivers at a fishing tour, to be able to catch the largest specimen or beat your previous record, and get a lot of impressions.

You live in a comfortable environment in the city in the hotel "Meridian" with daily delivery to the place of fishing, which makes your stay in Murmansk fishing is very convenient.
Included in cost:

- Accommodation in Murmansk (The congress hotel "Meridian")
- Check the license by Russian State Authority (Murmanrybvod) (catch and release)
- Delivery to the place of fishing
- rubber boats
-support with a guide while fishing

Price from 10 000 rubles per day per person

Additional charges:

- Transfer from the airport of Murmansk to the congress hotel "Meridian" is 1500 rubles
- Rental gear 1000 rubles per day

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