Citysightseeing hero-city of Murmansk. Largest city beyond Polar North. 
"Terraces of Murmansk."

In last 2016, our hero-city Murmansk celebrated the 100th anniversary of its foundation!  

Together with you, we will see how freely and loosely placed the city on scavenged salty winds of the Barents Sea spacious terraces along the Kola Bay, see the life of the sea town, historically directly associated with the history of the whole of Russia, as Murmansk is Russia's outpost in the Arctic, the base of the Northern Fleet and the most powerful submarines belonging to the nuclear shield of Russia and the only ice-free deep-water port in the Arctic and the largest city in the Arctic circle in a world where almost all the winter the sun does not rise above the horizon, and vice versa in the summer reigns the polar day and night as bright as day!
In the city a lot of things that we can call "the most-most!" The world's longest above the Arctic Circle bridge, which is the road to the border with Norway (1611 meters - Murmansk mile), the northernmost trolley, which is the most popular in the city of public transport, the largest of the Arctic Circle, deep-sea port, traffic . by 13 million tons annually, and just the greatest city in the world above the Arctic circle, a population of more than 300 000 people - a Murmansk, a city born under the Aurora Borealis  (northern lights)!

Our sightseeing bus tours of the city of Murmansk is designed for 3.5 hours. You will visit the world's first nuclear-powered icebreaker "Lenin", which continues to be applicable to a ship captain and his crew, marine Church Saviour -  on -  Waters "monument" Alyosha ", city museum and observation deck on the terraces of the city.

The tour is designed for groups of 2 to 40 people, costs 2200 rubles per person.

Sightseeing tour also available in English, Norwegian and German languages ​​on request

Thank you Sari Pöyhönen for the photos
Sari Pöyhönen

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