AURORA tours for the northern lights in Murmansk!

Dear friends! We invite you to "hunt" for the northern lights Murmansk! This is an unforgettable adventure for you!
This winter - the last for the next 10-12 years, when it will be possible to observe a bright aurora borealis, the scientists said. Then, until 2026, will see it much more difficult due to the fact that the sun is part of a cycle of low activity.
In the next 10 years  the northern light  will not disappear completely, but it can be observed much less frequently, and it will not be so bright. The thing is, that the beauty of this natural phenomenon depends on the flares on the sun and charged particles flow intensity (the solar wind), and our star is just part of the 11-year cycle of low activity.
We suggest you check out on the hunt for northern light. The tour takes place on the Kola Peninsula of Russia. You need to get to the Murmansk by plane or train from Moscow or Sankt-Petersburg. We will be able to go to the pursuit of the Northern Lights on our motor vehicles directly from Murmansk. We have pre-define the most favorable point of visiting Northern Lights and go with you there.
Season of the northern lights on the Kola Peninsula lasts from September to the beginning of April.
Sometimes it can be seen in August. In the other months it is not visible, as in the Kola Peninsula comes polar day, when the light at night.
We look forward to the appearance of the Northern Lights and weather forecast for the special resources to ensure the successful "hunt", however we can not give a 100% guarantee, like any hunting, but will do everything possible to get the desired result. To do this, you must leave the city with its intense light background and haze from the Kola Gulf, on the tundra, and follow the clean starry northern sky.
ITINERARY "The Hunt for the Northern Lights."
Meeting guests at the hotel
Start  at night "hunting" for the Northern Lights
on the road - the story of the aurora borealis: it occurs traditions of the peoples of the north, connected with the Northern Lights, modern methods of studying the aurora and its impact on human life
arrival at the place of observation, group instruction on how to photograph the lights better
observation of the northern lights, take pictures of it, make selfie on its background
Return to the hotel
The minimum number of participants of the tour from 2 to 30 people.

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