Sea fishing in the Barents Sea on a boat

Fishing in the Barents Sea is possible year-round, thanks to the warm Gulf Stream, which runs along the entire coast of Norway, and comes into the Barents Sea, the water temperature even in winter in the Barents Sea above zero. The most comfortable time for fishing trips in summer time when its polar day, when the sun never sets below the horizon before the beginning of August and the light period lasts from late May to July
Fishing takes place in the area of ​​Kildin Island, as well as in the east of the village of Teriberka and Ura-Guba. Due to the fact that the waters of the exit locations at sea Teriberka and Ura-Guba - an open sea, sometimes the weather is harsh and sharp wind waves.
During the 10 days prior to your exit in the sea you need to send us the passport data for the preparation of documents for release into the sea.

Suggested schedule for fishing (departure time can depends on weather conditions and your wishes).

-Departure from the pier 8.00

-Passport control

- Going to a place of fishing (in the area of. Kildin)

- End of fishing 19.00, return to Teriberka or Ura-Guba

Out at sea is carried out on a specially equipped boat for coastal fishing. The cabin vessel is designed for comfortable accommodation of 4-6 people, but sit at a table in the cabin much as possible.
You should have: passport, insurance, warm and waterproof items (boots, jacket, rock, cape). Before going into the sea you will be held briefing on safety measures and rules of conduct on board the vessel. During the transition, you drink tea or coffee, relax, prepare gear. In the open sea, you can catch cod, haddock, catfish, pollock, redfish, halibut, flounder, haddock sea.

Out at sea is carried out from the port of Ura-Guba, or from the village of Teriberka. The distance from Murmansk to Teriberka is 150 km. Distance from Ura-Guba 70 km.

Price of the program:

* Pick up at the airport in Murmansk (delivery to the hotel in Murmansk from 1500 rubles (passenger car), Minibus 3000 rubles. Delivery to Teriberki or Ura-Guba (passenger car 3500 rubles, a minibus 8 seats 9000 rubles)
* Hotel accommodation in Murmansk from 2500 to 7700 rubles per person (single room with breakfast in a hotel "69 Parallel hotel" Azimut "," Meridian ", Park Inn). Following your needs, you can order any category occupancy on request.
* Accommodation in Ura-Guba. There are two houses. The total number of seats - 12. The cost of a single house of 10,000 rubles per day. The house has hot and cold water, toilet, sauna wood.
* Boat rental for sea 12 hours - from 38 000 to 65 000, depending on the comfort of the ship.
* We provide gear for 1000 rubles per unit.
* Loss of gear will be paid separately.
* The catch can be frozen

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