Marine crab safari in Norway

Marine crab safari in Norway


We iinvite you for an unique kind of the sea fishing - crab safari. Kamchatsky, or king crab has been successfully introduced into the Barents Sea in the 1970s. But its forbidden to catch it in Russia than we will go for fishing to Norway!


Transfer from Murmansk to Kirkenes takes 3,5 hours. The border crossing "Borisoglebsk-Storskog" Duty Free shopping and almost immediately Kirkenes meet you! Accommodation in Thon Hotell on the sea coast of Varanger Fjord.

* At the request of shopping and dinner.

The next day after breakfast at the hotel you go to sea fishing from Kirkenes. Fishing tour will take 3-4 hours with the output from the Gulf of Yarford, but can be extended up to 8 hours. Experienced diver gather crabs and cook them for you. If you wish, the fishermen would get to the depths of the sea scallop and sea urchin - great seafood!

This program is for those who like fishing with a guaranteed catch, including a freshly prepared lunch of crab and seafood.

Included: Fishing tackle, necessary clothing, soft drinks, lunch on a small island in a Sami tent.
The tour lasts 3.5-4.5 hours. For extra durability fishing can be increased up to 8 hours.


Accepted groups of four people. Price from 18 600 * rubles per person.

Accommodation in Thon Hotell Kirkenes. Single occupancy with breakfast * from 7980 rubles, double room from 10 800 rubles per night. Breakfast is included in the price.

Transfer to the airport of Murmansk - Kirkenes - Murmansk Airport.

* Prices are in rubles may change depending on the course of NOK;
* Passenger car (up to 3 people) - 16 000 rubles per car. Minibus (up to 6 people) - 20 000 rubles per vehicle

After fishing, we can take you directly to the Murmansk airport, or you can order you spending the night in a hotel in Murmansk. In addition, we can arrange for you a tour of the Murmansk and visit the Sami village to village Loparskaya ritual shaman.

Между Мурманском и Киркенесом 230 км

На границе






Крабовое сафари

Морская рыбалка в Киркенесе 3

Морская рыбалка в Киркенесе

Морская рыбалка в Киркенесе 2

Касатки могут вам составить компанию

Морская рыбалка в Киркенесе 5

Морская рыбалка в Киркенесе 6

Морская рыбалка в Киркенесе 8

Морская рыбалка в Киркенесе 9

Морская рыбалка в Киркенесе 11

Морская рыбалка в Киркенесе 10

Северное сияние над Ярфъордом в Киркенесе


Морская рыбалка в Киркенесе 12

Королевский краб на троне



Сафари 5


Попутного ветра!

Залив на выходе из Киркенеса

Опишите фото...

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