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Russian tourist visa invitation and Russian business visa invitation from FLAIT Group in Murmansk.



To obtain a visa you need an "invitation" from a licensed by Ministry of tourism of Russian Federation tour operator. FLAIT Group renewing all the necessary licenses every year to issue this important document. In addition to confirmation you get a travel voucher sent along with the invitation on an A4 sheet. Together confirmation and voucher what one usually refers to as "invitation" like this.







    Tourist Visa Invitation to Russia consists of 2 parts: Tourist Voucher and Confirmation and is valid max for 30 days. Tourist Visa Invitation contains our company name, address and Reference Number assigned to our company by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. FLAIT Group as operator for inbound tourism with Reference Number assigned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia can issue tourist and business invitations for you.


Do you have such an "invitation" you can apply for a visa. Our confirmations are approved by the two Russian consulates in Norway and also in all other Russian consulates in other countries.

A tourist visa valid max. 28 days, therefore, also the invitation issued for a maximum of 4 weeks. A tourist visa is always a one-journey visa. However, you can search tourist visa for 2 entries, they can not be combined into one continuous stay. To apply a visa valid for more than two weeks can expect additional control of payment confirmation for booked hotel rooms.

When applying for a visa, make sure that your passport is valid at least 6 months after the last travel day. In your passport must also be at least two blank pages.


To start your Visa application procedure you must submit your visa application form at the official portal of Ministy of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation at by creating your own profile for submitting your visa. 

Order of invitation from FLAIT GROUP:

Send us an email with the following information:

- Name
- First
- Nationality
- Date of birth
- Gender
- Passport number
- The expiration date of your passport
- Itinerary / destinations
- Period (of entry / departure days)
- Information on hotel booking (or confirmation of already completed and paid hotel booking

If in doubt this is an ordinary tourist travel write a few words about the purpose of travel (participation at the conference, exhibition or similar)
Once we have made the invitation (usually within 24 hours time Monday - Friday) you will receive it along with a invoice. email. The invoice amount is payable to our account in Norway.

A regular tourist invitation costs 25 Euro (Nkr 195). If you order the invitation together with accommodation or a travel package through us is the invitation for free (for the period you have booked with us).
Information: In addition konsulats- and visa center charges on NKR 590 for a tourist visa with the usual turnaround time (4-10 days). Surcharge for express visa (1-3 days) NKR 315.

If you will not even go to the consulate / visa center we can through our Norwegian sister company Interflait AS in Kirkenes or our representative in Oslo do this for you. This service costs Nkr 450 pr. visa application. Price includes next filing, retrieval and payment of consular fee also check if everything is filled out correctly before your application goes to the consulate.



It is important to have the proper visa for a trip to Russia. If you are going to participate at the seminar, conference fair or similar events you need need a business invitation to apply for your visa. Alternatively, one can request a visa for "target tourism", in English: "target tourism" or "aimed tourism". Its the same.  

In a case you need an express visa to Russia and suppose to to for business meeting&arrangements its better to apply for aimed/target tourism visa, as you order an express visa at the consulate within a week and this type of visa is recommended for those who are going to participate in meetings, negotiations, planning to visit exhibitions and visiting Russia for  medical examination. Please contact us if you are not on the usual tourist trip than we are going to issue a right type of visa invitation.

There are actually carried out checks of the Russian migration service FMS and people with incorrectly visa may be detained, fined and sent out of the country immediately. They may also have problems when they apply for a visa again. Moreover, risks also host organization to be fined and may even lose its license if it is repeated problems with customers.


Group invitation can be issued  for groups from 4 persons!

You can ask for invitation by writing a letter to us at or

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